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here is a lil' collection of websites and webapps I personally reccomend.
all links are free to use. however links marked with this symbol (✦) lock you out unless you make an an account.
links marked with this symbol (⚠) have a disclaimer attached. read the on-click dialogue.

first, a few much more extensive linkhubs:
  • yesterweb: the classic linklist with random page feature and tag system
  • marginalia: oldweb search engine with random/similar page features
  • sadgrl.online: curated linkhub with an emphasis on webmastery and browsing
photo editors:
  • pixlr: my preferred photo editor for web and mobile web
  • photopea: editor compatable with adobe and more file types
  • photomosh: editor specifically for glitch effects
creative tools:
  • bitsy: lofi game maker
  • piskel: pixel art and animation creator
  • signal: robust midi/music editor
  • vizzy: music video and vizualiser creator
  • canva: graphic design web app
social networking sites:
  • spacehey: myspace remake with custom profiles and active userbase
  • status.cafe & piclog.blue: simple status websites with and without images
  • TEv2: hidden gem artsite where all posts/comments are drawn/handwritten
  • 8tracks: user-made playlists
html/css resources:
free stuff:

about ⅓ of these links were found through yesterweb, marginalia, and sadgrl.online.
always protect your safety and privacy!